the positive way of life

"The most common way people waste their powers is by thinking they don't have any."

Alice Walker


"Today I no longer say: I am sick. But rather: A part of me is sick, but much more is healthy...I think about how I can make the healthy part of me strong. I have not become an enemy of conventional medicine, no, I benefit from it. But I believe that drug therapy needs to be supplemented, by yoga, meditation or prayer. Silence. Shutting down. Learning to recover. Learning to let go. I realize that it's not just doors that have closed. I can go new ways."
Stefan Berg (editor at Spiegel and himself suffering from Parkinson's disease), excerpt from: "I can go new ways." SPIEGEL WISSEN 4/2013 

Shortly after the diagnosis, I read this interview with Stefan Berg and this passage made a lasting impression on me. I remember thinking, "I want to get there too, to feel whole and healthy despite the disease."

As we all know, with Parkinson's and the changing symptoms, it is not possible to feel this way every day or every hour.
But no healthy person can do that either! Ideals are not there to achieve them, but to give direction to one's own path.
I am convinced that each and every one of us can actively influence the course of our disease. The trick is to actually believe this and to live accordingly. I don't want to claim that I have already achieved this, but I am guided by a quote: "You have received the diagnosis - but the prognosis is in your hands".
And finally - as strange as it may seem at first - every illness also has its positive sides. It offers the chance to clean up one's own life a bit, to let go of what no longer serves one's purpose, to confidently throw questionable things like perfectionism and multitasking overboard, and to no longer postpone wishes and dreams.
Above all, it's about all of us doing much more often what children accomplish with ease - simply living here and now.
Because in the end, none of us - whether sick or healthy - knows what tomorrow will bring.
With this in mind, let's make the most of today and really start living.
The podcast and this website are meant to be an inspriration for this.


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