"It's not what happens to you in life, it's how you react to it."



What about?
The podcast "Jetzt erst recht - Positiv leben mit Parkinson" is a real heart project of mine and therefore a private initiative.  

In this podcast, we want to hear from people who have found a good way to live with the disease or who are providing positive support for their relatives. It is not primarily about being able to show great successes, but rather about coping well with the sometimes crazy everyday life. I believe that each of us affected has found his or her own coping strategies in the course of time with Parkinson's from which the rest of us can benefit. And as we all know, it is always worthwhile to look beyond one's own nose. 

For whom?
The podcast is for and with people who have Parkinson's disease. But also relatives, friends, carers and employers may feel addressed and ultimately all who have a desire to live the positive way of life. 

The podcast can be found everywhere where podcasts are available. Here are two links to podcast services as examples:

Here you can listen to the podcast via iTunes
Here you can listen to the podcast via fyyd 

When I received the diagnosis and understood what physical and psychological changes I could face in the next few years, I felt deeply desperate and had the feeling that my life was over. During my research on the Internet, I found almost only devastating messages, first and foremost the words: incurable, progressive, unstoppable course.
At that time, I wished for nothing more than positive reports on how to live happily despite Parkinson's disease.
So I decided to go in search of people who have found inspiring insights, exciting strategies, and helpful therapies so that we can all benefit.
My goal is to share courage, hope and confidence and to show that our life with Parkinson's can be worth living and colorful. We just have to choose it!

What not?
The podcast is a non-commercial, completely private project. All people who speak here share their subjective experiences and opinions. Although I strive to provide serious information, the podcast does not aim to have the content measured against scientific standards, but rather is about personal experience. Therefore, no universally valid healing promise can be derived from the experiences and therapies that are reported.


I am happy to hear from you!