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Episodes in English

Here you can find all podcast episodes that I have recorded in English. Enjoy listening!

Folge 48 - Tomorrow is a new day with Margie Alley-ENGLISH (05.06.2022)

Welcome to my podcast. My name is Kathrin Wersing, I am 43 years old and I live in Germany. I started this podcast nearly 2 years ago because I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and since then I have been collecting stories of people with PD who manage to live their life in a positive way and also stories of people who help those living with the disease. After I was able to talk to 40 inspiring people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland last year, my focus this year is on how Parkinson’s is seen and treated in other countries around the world. Though Parkinson’s is a serious disease and we all know the challenges, worries and fears on bad days, each of us also has strategies, resources, and helpful thoughts that we can pass on to others as a way to help. In my “Parkinson’s around the world” series, I’ve already spoken with people from Iceland and Uganda. Today, I’m traveling to the U.S. to meet Margie Alley, a great and inspiring woman who I had the pleasure to meet in person at a table tennis tournament in Germany a year ago.  So I hope you enjoy this interview.

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Folge 45 - Parkinson's si Buko with Hannington Kabugo-ENGLISH (03.04.2022)

Welcome to a new special episode of “Parkinson’s around the world”. In this series, my focus is on how Parkinson’s is seen and treated in other countries around the world. This episode, I have to be honest, has touched me the most of all so far: Imagine you have Parkinson’s, imagine you live in one of the poorest countries on earth, imagine people around you think you are jinxed if you have Parkinson’s and they dare not go near you and banish you. I met Hannington Kabugo from Uganda. He told me the story of his mother, who had Parkinson’s disease. Her painful fate led Hannington to found an organization in Uganda that cares for people with Parkinson’s disease. Travel with me to Uganda in this podcast and meet a truly remarkable man.

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Folge 31 - Special English Version - "All you need is Ping Pong" (18.09.2021)

Welcome to my Podcast and to this special English episode. In my podcast I want to share positive stories about life with Parkinson’s Disease and so I talk to many inspiring people with exciting life stories who manage to enjoy their lives – despite Parkinson’s. Usually this podcast is in German language but today there is a special episode for my English speaking friends who I had the pleasure to meet at the PingPongParkinson German Open in Nordhorn in early September this year. People from 12 nations took part in the tournament and despite Parkinson’s, they were fantastic table tennis players and spread a lot of passion, joy and enthusiasm. This episode is about PingPongParkinson – a worldwide movement that offers table tennis for people with Parkinson’s disease. Playing table tennis can help improving symptoms and slow down progression. But most of all – it’s fun! So, join me and meet some great people from all over the world who share the same dream – they all love to play table tennis. Believe me, after listening to this episode you will want to play table tennis too. Here are some links to find a group in your country (I would be delighted to add more countries – please get in touch when you have further information)

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