How can we succeed - despite the life-changing diagnosis of Parkinson's disease - in making life positive, worth living and colorful? I talk to people who live positively with the disease in many different ways. A podcast that is meant to encourage, from affected people for affected people, relatives and everyone who is looking for a positive approach to the topic of Parkinson's.

podcast - what it's about

What it's about, why I started this project and where you can listen to the episodes - you can read all that here.

about Parkinson's

The complexity and diversity of Parkinson's disease is hardly known to the public. Here you can find first information.

the positive way of life

How can we manage to look positively into the future despite the diagnosis? You can find my thoughts on this here.

about me

On this page I describe more about me and my motivation behind the podcast project.


You can find helpful links from interviews with my podcast guests here.


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