How can we succeed - despite the life-changing diagnosis of Parkinson's disease - in making life positive, worth living and colorful? I talk to people who live positively with the disease in many different ways. A podcast that is meant to encourage, from affected people for affected people, relatives and everyone who is looking for a positive approach to the topic of Parkinson's.

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06.09.2022 Report about PPP Münster in WDR Lokalzeit Münsterland

A film team of the WDR Lokalzeit Münsterland was a guest at the training of my PingPongParkinson group. The result is a great report in which, in addition to everyday hurdles in life with Parkinson's, it is above all about the positive effects of table tennis at PingPongParkinson Deutschland e.V..

The article is a great collaborative effort of everyone involved in our base.  Feel free to take a look!


06.04.2022 Talk show with Frank Elstner

At the invitation of the Parkinson Foundation, whose patron is Frank Elstner, I was a guest at an online event with a panel discussion on the topic of "Living with Parkinson's". For me it was an exciting day with great encounters. Thanks to the many people who were there live online, who joined in the excitement and for the many warm responses. I was very happy about every single one. The event can be further accessed online at this link. The talk show can be seen from Min: 2:34:00

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28.08.2021 TV feature Hirschhausen's Quiz

I was allowed to shoot a TV report with Eckart von Hirschhausen for his program "Hirschhausens Quiz des Menschen". It was about my family and me, about my podcast and my PingPongParkinson group in Münster.
A great opportunity to bring the topic of Parkinson's disease, especially for us young sufferers, further into the public. We experienced a very exciting day of TV shooting and had a lot of fun together in front of and behind the camera!

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